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International Projects Benefit from ACWF Partners

The All-China Women's Federation and directly affiliated units held a meeting on December 24 in Beijing to exchange experiences in international projects, the aim being to  promote development of these projects, summarize good results and clarify the direction of international projects over the next five years.

Present at the meeting was Vice President and Member of the Secretariat of All-China Women's Federation Meng Xiaosi, who said in her speech that the ACWF has made international cooperation projects a major channel for serving women and children at the grass roots and for linking China with the rest of the world.

Also present were leaders from the All-China Women's Federation Development Department, Women's Rights Department, Children's Department, Women's Studies Institute of China and the National Working Committee for Children and Women under the State Council, all of whom shared their experiences in family education and gender equality, fighting against trafficking in women and children, social gender equality, protecting children after the Wenchuan Earthquake and working towards curbing domestic violence.

All participants were agreed that international cooperation projects bring benefits to vulnerable women, serve grassroots women's organizations, and promote innovation and development in women's federation work. These projects also benefit from working alongside women's federation work.

ACWF partners throughout the world include United Nations agencies, such as the United Nations Department of Planning and Development, UNICEF, the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, the ILO, UNAIDS, UNESCO and the United Nations Food and Agriculture organization. Also official aid agencies, such as the Canadian International Development Agency, Australian Agency for International Development, UK Department for International Development, Swedish International Development Agency, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, among others; and international finance institutions and funds, such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the Seidel Foundation in Germany, as well as various multiple/bilateral international organizations, non-governmental organizations and enterprises.

The ACWF has over the past three decades brought into effect hundreds of international cooperation projects with executed capital of several billion yuan that have helped women in 31 provinces, regions and municipalities to rise out of poverty, find employment, politically participate, and fight for their rights to gender equality and as domestic service workers. Also to protect children, prevent human trafficking and ensure safe migration, promote family education, spread information about AIDS, provide education on finance, environmental protection and food security, promote post-disaster construction and provide psychological assistance.


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