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Sino-Indian Women's Federation Exchange on Women's Health

An Indian women's delegation, under the leadership of President of the All India Women's Conference Gomathi Nair, visited Beijing Wuzhou Women's Hospital on July 30.

The delegation, including representatives from the National Federation of Indian Women, the All India Women's Conference and the All India Democratic Women's Association, visited China with the aim of strengthening cooperation between China and India on women's development, consolidating and developing Sino-Indian friendship among their respective women's organizations and learning from China's advanced experience on women's health for the benefit of India.

Director of the Asia Department of the All-China Women's Federation International Liaison Department Huang Shu, Director of the Liaison Department of Beijing Women's Federation Yu Liping and President of Chaoyang Women's Federation Huang Min met with the Indian women's delegation at the seminar arranged on the occasion of their visit.

Leaders on both sides held in-depth discussions on issues of common concern, such as  women and children's health. Vice-President of Wuzhou Investment Group Wu Limin attended the meeting and spoke about the developments at Wuzhou Women's Hospital over the past six years, and the efforts it had made towards progress in women's health.

President of the All India Women's Conference Gomathi Nair said at the seminar that she and the delegation had witnessed during their visit to Shanghai and Beijing the great efforts and contributions by the All-China Women's Federation to women and children's work, and gained great benefit from observing the ACWF's working methods.

She went to say that the advanced concept of running professional, high-end and international women health organizations, like Beijing Wuzhou Women's Hospital, had given them inspiration.

Gomathi Nair commended Wuzhou Women's Hospital for its outstanding contributions to the cause of women's health, saying that she would indeed take back to India the concepts and technology she and her fellows had observed.

General Manager of Wuzhou Women's Hospital Huang Jinxiong confirmed that Wuzhou Women's Hospital is willing to cooperate with relevant agencies in India on women's health and make greater contributions.

Beijing Wuzhou Women's Hospital, the first in China to specialize in women, has been proactive in public charitable works, co-organized with the All-China Women's Federation, since its foundation. They include the Investment in Women's Health Project, Women's Health Education and Promotion Project and Health Action for Women Talents in Science and Technology. The hospital has been highly commended throughout the community for its free service and for popularizing knowledge and information on women's health.


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